Friday, January 25, 2013

Drawings and Decisions

                                                          Self-Portrait : The Artist's Hands
                                                                Sandra J. Pineault
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I almost called this Confessions of an Aging Artist.
The time has come, said the walrus...
and so forth.
The time has come to pick up and downsize.  This past year has been one of health issues and readjustment.  Creativity took a hit.  At this time, I am not competing and my creativity lies more in
writing than in painting.  That, of course, could change.  It is delectable to just let it all roll, to let the chips fall while I allow each day to  tell me what it wants.  I am off the clock, as it were, and deadlines and commitments are not deciding my actions any longer.

I should have done this long ago.

Once upon a time years back I felt like doing something different, so I drew my hands. It was far from easy but  ended up being not just a challenge but enjoyable.  Drawing is always my first love.

We are planning to move to a smaller home, and I am hard at work determining what I will keep and what I will discard, sell or give away.  I have already bartered a large roll of black craft paper suitable for backing frames since it has been years since I have done my own framing.  I bartered matting and framing for a piece I actually painted recently.  This sifting through has brought discoveries like the drawing above.       Some pieces I will never throw out.

On top of that, I will be sharing a study cum studio with my husband so things will surely change.

Stay tuned....and if any of you have downsized a studio and redesigned one let me know. Right now Pinterest is a new best friend.

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