Sandra J. Pineault

Transition from being a nurse, and then hospital administrator, to a full time artist
was nearly seamless.  Since childhood art has been a refuge for me. When the opportunity came to
develop it full time, I grasped it with both hands.
Life tells us its directions and when I followed its directives, I arrived full into abstract acrylic painting
and teaching both children and adults.

A medical background, as well as one in spirituality, paved the way to a Zen based
philosophy of art.

Abstract expressionism, for me in acrylics, is a way of story telling: stories that I tell and even
more fascinating, stories that you can read within them.

My work is intuitively based, after years of studying composition, color and design.
Serious illness has also added to the depth and range of my work, as 
my own experiences form another dimension.
Because of this, my work has evolved to become highly original.
None of my pieces can be duplicated...even by me.
For this reason, they are prized by collectors as well as those
wishing only one piece or a few.

What cannot be seen in photographs is that each piece is high textured.
Often beads and tiny pieces of mirror add sparkle and life, and
an underlay of textured materials also adds even more elegance.

Please look at my work, read my blog.
Your comments are most welcome.


I have created a line of beautiful collage cards with my own stained and painted papers,
some like miniature paintings.  These are accompanied by matching envelopes.
Perfect for a gift along, they can easily be framed solo or in groups.
Also, I have available larger collages.
Please ask me for more information.
Thank you