Saturday, February 9, 2013

A Home as Gallery

An artist's abode is a gallery in itself.  As our home is on the market, it seemed a good time to share
my work as it hangs in my own gallery.  Working color and form into home space is an act of creativity in and of itself.  Everything in our lives weaves in and out of our artist self and psyche.  We did have the exceptional gift of friends who helped us in our design and color and we still appreciate the gift of their talent.  We continue to evolve our tastes and color palettes.  The best complement came recently when someone asked: "Who staged your home for you?" The answer: we did it ourselves!  Wish us luck.  Another blank canvas awaits us elsewhere on our Island.

To friends and family up north U.S.A. we hope you are safe 
and warm as the blizzard rages around you.

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