Pineault abstract art not only includes abstract canvas paintings and cards, but also major collage works of a unique kind.

                                                              ART IN THE ROUND 
                                                                  6 inches around
                                                              painted and textured
                                                              collaged materials
                                                          original and one of a kind

                                 This piece was an experiment in multi - dimensional art which
                                 resulted in this unusual collectible art piece.  I love stretching
                                 creativity out into new possibilities.  Imagine a whole lot of these
                                 in a glass bowl or as a very special keepsake.

                                           A PAINTING RECONSTRUCTED
                                                  original origami painting 
                                                      Sandra J. Pineault
                                          mounted in 9 x 20 inch black shadow box

              This totally original piece consists of tiny pieces of watercolors done by Pineault along with
                     found objects arranged in a totally new and exciting manner.   

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