Tuesday, October 16, 2012


                                                            SEA SPRITE
                                                      acrylic collage on canvas
                                                             30 x 40 inches
                                                         Sandra J. Pineault

Revisiting this dynamic painting which was a joy to do.  
A large canvas it just about fit on my table.
I paint with my canvas on a flat surface. 
My studio being not too large, I had to dance around the table
shifting the canvas as I painted.  This was a good thing as it forced me to 
work from a myriad of angles, not getting stuck in one place.

A smaller sea study that I did sitting by the shore in New England a long time ago.
 I like to sketch with
pen or pencil and colored pencils letting the feel of the surf and the sound guide my hands.
This sketch stayed safe and it is neat to rediscover it.
feeling  the impression of that day all over again.  The Zen-like
feature of the wave in the right front of the piece forms a focal point which appeals to me.  Perhaps it     would be fun to carve that out for a print in its own right.  

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