Tuesday, October 16, 2012


Recently, I was enjoying a delightful Skype with one of my great nieces and her Dad, my nephew.
She is four years of age.  She was creating a delightful colorful drawing and showing it to me (ah, the wonders of Skype).  When I declared how much I liked it, she asked her Dad if she could mail it to me. Made me happy, that is for sure.  So I said that is she did that, I would make a piece of art for her.  Her eyes got wide and wondrous!  Wow, at four she already knew this was a real deal.

Lo, and behold a couple of weeks later, in the mail I received a drawing from her and another from her twin sister.  Now it was my turn and I thought and thought about what to do.  Finally, I decided to do pen and ink portraits of each of them  This became a sweet project to me and this is what happened.

Stage I - the first part of the deal: I receive their drawings, abstract beauties ...I hope they keep their spontaneous markings.
                                                               Riley's Drawing

                                                               Sanna's Drawing

  I love the use of color and the freedom of line and shape, the motion of it all.  It would be fun to
know what they would title them....next step.

                                Stage II     Aunt Sandy's pen and ink sketches
                                                              October 2012

           I had not attempted life drawings in a long time and forgotten the joy when you hit upon
            defining characteristics.  This is just another example of the need for each of us artists to
           stretch ourselves and do something out of our ordinary repertoire.  I just had fun with these and played, every line infused by my love for these children.

Before that, I got rid of the pencil frame lines and trimmed them down, mounted them
on dark mounting board, and shrink wrapped them for mailing.

After all that I elected for a bit more playtime and designed
the white mailing envelopes which received compliments
from the postal service staff.


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