Monday, October 22, 2012


This is from my archives.

watercolor on hot press paper
Archives of Sandra Pineault
available in print only.

In my wildlife period as I began my journey toward more abstract art, this was a piece I
loved and which I did from a photo I had taken in Sanibel, Florida.  Sanibel is a great
place to see wild birds of all types up close and personal.  The Ding Darling Wild Life
Preserve is there, too.  This piece, in its original, sold many years ago.  Recently, however I
got this great photograph of another bird which made me look this one up in my archives.

Hot press paper is wonderful for moving colors around and getting unusual results.
The marsh area was done using saran wrap on top of the watercolor, squishing it around
 so it creates shapes and lines, and after a few moments carefully lifting the wrap away.


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