Tuesday, October 23, 2012


                                                               Milkweed Pods
                                                   Photograph by the late Angi Souza
                                                                  circa 1998

One of my greatest treasures and sources of inspiration are the photographs and slides of my
late mother, Angi Souza.  A gifted woman in so many ways, she found her metier in photography as
well as intricate gardening.
Just before she passed away I noticed boxes and boxes of her slides which she
was preparing to destroy.  I asked for them and she gave them to me  After she passed away 
it took me over a year to go through over 10,000 slides of beautiful content.
After spending an hour or two with the light box I would come up for air as if coming from
another world.  Boxes of relevant slides went to family members and I proceeded
 to categorize and archivally store the rest.
 After choosing 50 of them to digitalize I created CD's of slides set to music and
sent them to my siblings. I put as many of them as possible onto iphoto on my computer using
them for inspiration and for cards and now for my blogs in tribute.

 Two people I know who received the cards
 have framed their collections.  If you are fortunate enough to have such a treasure in photographs do yourself and your family a favor digitalize them (and back them up). If you wish
to keep the originals, as I do,  here is something to help. I also keep precious
genealogical records in such cases as well.

One of the best methods I found of conservational archival
storage are the use of archival black three ring cases into which
you can place photographs and slides as well as documents
into acid free plastic sleeves for easy retrieval and storage.
This is one site that carries them.


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