Friday, October 26, 2012


                                                Pineault Origami Folded Golden Collage
                                                               hand treated paper 
                                                               and found objects.

An artist needs to stretch and move beyond comfort zones. One of the tasks that helps me do this
is working with paper in new and different forms.  Twisting, folding, turning, combining pieces lie on a
black work board on my table, like leaving a puzzle out working it as one walks by. By
working and experimenting this way,there is no difficult time undoing or redoing.  It becomes a journey
of discovery.  In the Zen world, the path is everything.  Sometimes I have had
a piece in transit like this for weeks. It stays there working itself into what it wants to be.  This
piece was a favorite, and a bigger collage than usual.

I work like a quilter, saving up bits and pieces and enjoying the surprise of finding something I had forgotten was in my treasures.  Working this way is a Zen type of meditation.  Try just keeping lots of things like this and then playing with them as you would play in an attic full of old love letters.

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