Sunday, October 7, 2012


Previously we did a post on the entries in the Grand Rapids, Michigan ArtPrize contest 2012.  One of the premier mega art events in the U.S.  The winner has been announced and the grand prize goes to our favorite: ELEPHANTS. See below as to who was the puzzling $100,000 prize winner.

I am inspired by the whimsy of this piece, by the size (she was still working on it at the exhibit),
by the patience and obvious love she had for this work as well as the topic.

Here is a detail of the whimsical winner. I would loved to have seen this in person!
What do you think?  Are you a graphic artist? Do you draw?  Does this inspire you?

The second most lucrative cash prize here is the $100,000 awarded by a separate trio of judges, apart from the grand popular award and also from the secondary judges.  This is always confusing to me,and often occurs at art shows.  However, this one is a BIG prize.  And here it is ...what do you think?

Called DISPLACEMENT by a team of designers from Detroit and  is comprised of found objects...

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