Monday, October 1, 2012

DOODLING TIME...journalling

We have mentioned that all artists doodle; play time, doodle time, ideas ferment and bear fruit when one can simply let go with simple undemanding tools. I am currently using Sharpie permanent markers and Caron d'Arche crayons but am going out for some inks.   Have also used watercolors.

 Continuing having fun with my art journals, I am coming up with design concepts: well, maybe not like DaVinci but in my own sphere.  Concepts of spatial ideas, color. form and line all come into being in our sketchbooks.  Doing a journal makes one take more time and effort.

Having written poetry over the years, I had filed them away and out of sight.  Coming upon them recently, I dubbed them an important part of my journal pages and decided this way I could easily reference them.  These photos are of some of the pages I have been doing.  The other neat thing about journal pages (and there are unending ways to do journals, go look on the net and especially Pinterest) is that you do not have to do them at one fell swoop.  You can wander in and work a bit as you like and when you like, sort of akin to doing a puzzle.

 Art Journals, like any journal are meant to
hold thoughts and memories.  They are also a  means
to record experimentation.  There are many tutorials in calligraphy, a diminishing art.
Many of my pages try to incorporate that art. 
Some are my own poems,
 others simply ones I love and want to remember.  In the red pages
below, I wrote out a poem from a clipping I pocketed in the opposite page.
It was one found in my mother's papers after she passed away.
Perhaps, I will incorporate some of these photos into cards....                                                              

Below pages are of watercolor and ink incorporating stamping and bits of my collages
left from larger paintings.

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