Thursday, September 27, 2012


Thanks to Clustrmaps for bringing back the map logging hits on this blog.  It had been
confused with a
new blog I have about my growing up in a small New England town

It is exciting to see the red dots which indicate where hits originate. The large red dots
are groups of viewers.
The yellow dots connote new viewers.
As we near 7,000 it seems incredible that this little blog has come so far. I can also
see in other map data how often the hits appear.  That way I can assume the
same readers are checking in often.

Thank you to all who find my blog. Keep passing it on!

 I now have a translate button on the sidebar if you would
like to leave a comment.
There is nothing like a comment to keep blogsters going and sharing.
it would be great also to see your work.

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