Saturday, October 13, 2012


10 x 10 inches
acrylic abstract on canvas
Sandra J. Pineault

Can you see the gondola and picture reflections of colors on the canals?
I was working on the stationary bike in my studio when I glanced up at this little
piece hanging on the wall.  I kept meaning to cover it and do something else.
Suddenly, though, I saw Venice! If you have ever been, as I have, the place
is imprinted on your soul.
I am glad I did not destroy this piece. It was done completely intuitively with colors
I ordinarily do not use.  It has served to incite me to get out a canvas
and play some more.  This was surely a PLAY DATE.

My photos from a trip to Venice, Italy
and a You Tube video of Venice at night to put you in the mood.

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