Monday, September 3, 2012

Art Journal...continuing the journey

As I meander through my art projects along my little sabbatical, I have come upon various projects.
First, as in the card blog, the fact that I can make fascinating cards from prints of my work. Since I have a lot of card stock and a bunch of unsold prints, this is perfect.  Especially, with the price of greeting cards today.  I have done a few of these and put them aside for another time or need.  

I journal constantly and have for years. During difficult times in my life, it has provided a personal outlet to gather and heal my thoughts.  Sometimes pages were illustrated, sometimes not.   This is one I did over 12 years ago, it happened to be done on a larger sketchbook and I saved it. I think I predated
what is now a big art hobby: designing intricate art journals.

As I surfed through art in Pinterest, I came upon Art Journalling in a more formal sense. I am hooked.  The trick, for me, is to trust my own imagination and not just adopt what others are doing.  I want my art journal to be a work of art.....yet, fun to do.  It is, after all, for me, my thoughts and inspirations.  I can tell you that this is the first time in years and years and years that I do an art project without a mind to selling it.  Wow....FREEDOM!

I urge you to try it.  There are tons of good web sites with all kinds of ideas to kick start the project.
Raid your art shelves and even kitchen and garden shelves.

Here are two of my pages, I am using a lot of my saved collage bits and pieces. 
I am aiming for texture and imprinting....a ways to go.

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