Sunday, August 26, 2012

Playful Project Time that Works...

Playful Project Time

Last night as my body entered sleep mode, my mind suddenly went into create mode.
This was probably occasioned by two things: while we were watching a really
boring spaghetti western last night, I wandered the verdant pages of Pinterest on my iPad,
Also, I had been cleaning my studio yesterday (I call it nesting).

Coming across a stack of my prints professionally done last year, these
had stayed in my unconscious . 

Last night they came onto my interior canvas.  I thought about cutting
them up to make a different type of card.  I always have a need for
all occasion cards with a personal touch. The prints are clear and glossy.They are
open to many design possibilities as you can see from the three cards above-
all from the same print.

Lesson re-learned: playing pays off ! As does cleaning one's
long as I do not throw away too much!

Plus, these designs are in line with the oriental philosophy I am
studying right now.

Lastly, this is the first time in months and months my creative
qi, my creative energy has started flow.

Win-win all the way.

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