Saturday, August 18, 2012

Embarking...the journey is the thing...

Yesterday I received two books to start my foray into more calligraphic painting with a Japanese SHO meditation component.  In discussion with one of my mentors we discussed this type of work and the  artist Franz Kline . When I researched his work on the net, it was very inspiring.  I like the way the strong strokes (once over is more than enough) connect to the boundaries and hold them. It allows the negative space to really speak.

                 Below is a more contemporary design by artist Thomas Hawk found on Flickr

I see it with dashes of color which Kline often did.  I love it when he whimsically painted on telephone
book pages .  I am thinking a lot about backgrounds....kind of a ying and a yank.

Art is a continual journey of discovery, of allowing oneself to follow what has
previously been an untrod path, yet is still somewhat familiar.
I can see how my work has been taking me here......

Yin and Yang
acrylic and ink painting on painted papers
Sandra Pineault

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