Thursday, August 9, 2012

Anoyoma San'u
Japanese Sho Calligrapher
current exhibit at the Tokyo Museum
on the 100th anniversary of his birth.

When a major event occurs in an artist's life, it changes everything.  This change is symbolized in
the manner of the art produced.  That is where I am right now.  What I did before this is
no longer relevant to me.  My spirit wants to enter new waters.  One of the main themes
I notice is the desire for simplicity.  Priorities in life are altered and the superfluous is just that, superfluous.  I look for elegance, for quiet.  The Zen in my work is coming forward and quietly hovers over my brush.

Yesterday morning, in the Wall Street Journal this article spoke clearly to me.
SHO is a type of Japanese calligraphy that goes beyond characterization of letters to
simple expressive art.  If you peruse the net on the subject you will see that
SHO engages the whole body and the breath with wide and flowing lines.
I am ordering some books to study this and will be experimenting with
my own style.

Meanwhile, looking back on my own work I see this elegance of line trying
to come through.  Again, simplify, simplify......

The piece below could do better without the distracting background.

It is interesting how at  present red talks to me.

Spanish Moss Tango below has always been one of my favorites, again
because of the flowing dance of the lines.

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