Saturday, July 7, 2012


Catching the Wave
Sandra J. Pineault
abstract painting

This is a landmark post.  For the past months, as readers know, I have been struggling
with health issues.  Those months focused on what appeared to be back pain, long
a malady of artists.

On June 15th, after a wedding at which I officiated, I enjoyed an evening of dancing which
caused me to remark to myself how well I felt.  After the reception, getting back to our
hotel I experienced the worse back pain I have ever known. It would not quit.
I ended up in a nearby hospital where it was determined I had suffered a mild
heart attack (is there such a thing?) and required a stent into one of my cardiac arteries.
Having had a triple bypass 12 years ago my smallest graft had given out.
A skilled interventional cardiologist restored one of my native grafts with the stent.

I am deeply grateful: to my husband Norm, to my sisters Mariellen (and husband Greg), and Kathy who supported both he and I.  I am grateful to the medical and nursing staff of Delnore Hospital, one of the finest hospitals I have ever known.

Now, it is time to take many deep breaths, to rest and take the baby steps that will lead to my healing.
Who knows where my art will go. I do not. It always helps me to heal.
Competition is far from my mind and even the effort of taking up brush and easel
tires me. 

 Time to listen to birdsong, to relish each moment of my life.


  1. Life is not the way it's supposed to be, it's the way it is.....the way you cope with it is what makes the difference.
    Stay grounded in your faith and focus your energy on healing and being well.
    For every storm there is a rainbow....for every tear a smile.
    My love and prayers are with you...
    Love, Cynthia

  2. OMGosh...that is why you have been on my mind so much!!! I am here when you need me!!! Just ask!!! XOXOX


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