Monday, July 9, 2012


Looking at how different artists cope with their realities through their art, I came
upon this Japanese artist.  The Wall Street Journal this past weekend highlighted a Whitney Museum of American Art retrospective of her work in New York.
Katsuma has lived, since 1977, in a psychiatric institution and worked nearby.
Her art is a means by which she escapes inner turmoil. It is a study of infinitely
mirrored space.

I know from experience that one's art is a reflection of a personal reality.
It must be to be honest to speak to that reality in others.

When I had my first cardiac event 12 years ago my work drastically changed.
Now, I am entering another phase, an altered reality once again.
There is no desire to return to the other, only a desire to experiment
and to release through my work in an honest and healing way.

One of these days, I shall begin....again.

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