Friday, June 8, 2012


graphite drawing
contour method
Sandra J. Pineault

When I first started to seriously study art, it was in the realm of drawing. My mentor was big on negative space.  In delving into that theory, I developed a method of
drawing with small, nearly stitch like strokes 
allowing me to stay in the area of negative space and abstract organic  positive forms.
I did many drawings like this one, using an entire soft drawing pencil for each large piece as 
 a kind of meditative state set in. Often I would turn the paper in different directions to be sure that I was not falling into drawing only the form.  One could also, and I did, create more imaginative abstract forms in the negative space areas allowing for  a fascinating depth of field.

As always, Vincent was my muse. Studying his preparative sketches one can see
 this genre of drawing.
Doing this also creates an ambience for color.

When I worked with children it was fun to have them do a Vincent-alike
learning another way to approach art.

If you like this drawing and want to see more, let me know as I still have a few.
Meanwhile, here is one of Vincent's sketches.

The Road to Tarascon
by Vincent Van Gogh
Vincent Himself
ed. Bruce Bernard

This is one of my favorite books on Van Gogh

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