Wednesday, February 1, 2012


graphic drawing by Sandra Pineault
circa 1990

This graphic was done in a totally negative space process.  It was something I worked on early in my career.  The space around objects is what actually defines them in a sort of edge-dance .
The process was hypnotic and very meditative.  However, it was hard work for the fingers.
I used soft dark pencils and sometimes would use one entire pencil on a piece.

We artists forget what precious partners are our hands.  There is a hand mediation exercise called Mudras used by Tibetan monks to engage their entire being, body and spirit, into their prayer.

The artist's Hands

Every movement of the hands, they say, has a profound effect.  Moving the hands in whatever dance they wish is so helpful in healing and respecting them.  It integrates them  truly into the creative process.

In the book, MUDRAS Yoga in Your Hands, Gertrud Hirschi says that one can do  mini-hand dances with   hands on the keyboard, the telephone (ever notice how stiff the hand and fingers get on long phone conversations?), or even on the wheel of your car,  You can include your hand or your entire arm.
You might let your hands converse with each other inventing your own shapes in the air.

You might find it hard to begin, she says, begin anyway.  You might find it hard to stop. 
You don't have to....

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