Thursday, January 26, 2012


Our creativity is precious and is ultimately the most unique part of who we are, and we have to remember to devote time to nurturing this gift.  Sometimes things will block our creative flow, like the crippling “artist’s block” or the unrealistic expectation of perfection that tortures us when we try to be creative.  But, one must remember the most important detail of producing art, and that is to “play” in the studio and not sacrifice spontaneity and experimentation for perfection… try to enjoy the process of art-making and the inevitable “happy accidents” that will occur along the way.  I find that when I’m freed up from my “control” mentality that is when my work really shines the most.

I’ve been working on a project to help feed my creative spirit and to keep fostering my flow in the studio.  It is a series of, 10-minute ink wash on paper self-portrait studies.  When the egg timer chimed “10 minutes” the portrait was finished, this proved to be an excellent exercise to loosen me up and keep those juices flowing.  This project began as a warm-up technique but in time morphed into an exciting self-actualization study.  Its amazing what details can be uncovered when you use yourself as a model.

Here is a website that I leave bookmarked, it always helps me find energy and artist opportunities;  This is fantastic website that showcases amazing artists, advertising for your art, and artist opportunities and call to artist exhibitions.  There are new updates everyday, so I check this site often.  For more images or information about me feel free to visit my website at  Thank you.

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