Wednesday, February 8, 2012


colored pen sketch
Sandra J. Pineault

Going back to sketching and drawing is a joy.  In itself, following the lead of my hand and eye, it is an abstract adventure. The experience and the process is the healing moment, not just as what lies at the end.  I try not to label in my mind what I will draw.  Try to let the lines define themselves
 letting it enter my third eye, as it were, through my eyes, hand and heart.  
The third eye being the deep within my being .

This sketch is encouraging and is teaching me patience as I make my way through healing
muscles and bone.    

I am reading A Million Little Pieces by James FREY (not for the faint of heart).
The Tao is quoted and I find it inspiring.

Let go of all and you will be full.
In thinking  keep it simple
Don't compare and compete,
simply be yourself...

Practice just being,
everything will fall into place.
...infinite possibilities...


  1. Sandra,
    Wow, thank you for the kind reposting of my recent art blog post!And I love "Raising Hope". It's just awesome. I look forward to seeing more of your art!
    Allison Reece
    Asheville, NC

  2. Many, many thanks. Coming from an artist such as yourself, it means a lot to me.


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