Wednesday, December 14, 2011




Drawing is a form of meditation.  It places one completely in the present moment. This is especially true using contour drawing , 
your hand staying on the paper while being led by your eye. 
The lines of the object has captured the imagination. 
 The Palo Verde tree was leaning into the wind holding itself tight to its roots in the rock.
 I still feel that moment when I look at this drawing.

Way before painting seduced me, drawing had captured my spirit.  How lines spoke to each other, how they related with the space around and between seemed a world 
worthy of more exploration.
That search inspired my work for a long time and it is calling me back.

*  a circle - a circle clasps each end of a line.  It hollows out a space of safety
and creates its own universe.  It is a symbol of healing and regeneration.
Children love making circles -- bubbles, suns...
Here is a treasured drawing of a giraffe one of many grandsons made years ago.

                 * a straight line is a brave expression of openness.  It lets go of each end 
and waits for another connection or relationship to come by. 
 It is a symbol of truth and straightness and, also, of a path or
a journey.

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