Friday, December 16, 2011



The Christmas season can be hectic, so we took a ride to Jacksonville Beach, one of our
favorite haunts.  Getting there, we took the slow, little ferry.  Swimming in front of us
out on the river were a pod of probably 5 or 6 dolphins, a joy to behold.
Though it was a cloudy day at the Beaches ( a combination of three small towns),
people were out reading on the beach or just walking.  The town was decked out
for the holiday in typical funky beach fashion.

This was just a  part of their Christmas 
            tree full of balls of different sizes.

During the night an owl serenaded me and today we saw a lot of osprey and other birdlife who are
making their way here for the winter.  It is a balmy 70 degrees, no need for jackets. Delightful.
My mind relaxed, took in the sights, and stored away inspiration.

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