Monday, December 19, 2011


Sandra Pineault

More about lines...  A wavy line is full of play.  It symbolizes mountain ranges, as well as life.
An example would be the electrocardiogram tracings of our heartbeat.  It expresses a willingness to play and be open to possibilities.  It presupposes a loose grip, invites other connections and relationships.  It laughs. When there are a lot of wavy lines, connected or not, there can be a symphony, a whole new expression of self.

Van Gogh loved wavy lines and used them to denote life.  This a reed drawing done by him
 related to Starry, Starry Night. Thanks to Wikepedia.  

It is neat to use tools other than a pencil to draw, like dripping black ink and then using a stick or a kind
of stylus to work the lines. Or dipping a reed in paint or ink as Van Gogh did. 
 I am off today to get some gel pens and try some experiments.

As I wrote earlier, my back is on sabbatical and I am open to whatever is waiting for me
in the wings....hmmmmmm.

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