Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Albert Manatirja

Australian aboriginal art has long been a fascinating study for me.
The uncanny symbolism of their land 
and the dream journey in their art
holds hours of delight.
 Their music is hypnotic and such books as Mutant Message Down Under
 by Marlo Morgan are worth reading.

As I wander new horizons I go back to such art.
I also found a list from Bruce Mann called The Incomplete
Manifesto on Growth.  Here are some of his suggestions:

Go deep
Forget about good
Drift-allow yourself to wander aimlessly, explore adjacencies,
lack judgement, postpone criticism.
Begin anywhere
Keep moving
Slow down -desynchronize from standard time frames
Don't be cool.
Stand on someone's shoulders.

...more to come...

Meanwhile, I do not wear my watch and no longer make lists.
I am disengaging from the frantic and the restrictives of
my current art.  

Anyone out there doing the same ???

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