Sunday, November 13, 2011


Welcome to Christmas at the Nook.  Last evening officially announced the
Christmas season for us.
Thank you to all those faithful who came by to encourage and say hello.

A lot of work went into the Nook as preparations took over our home and garage
as well as the studio.  Tinkling fingers on the keyboard sent out announcements
for the last few weeks.  It was earlier than usual to go rooting
through Christmas ornaments and even
to make a few.

Silver and red were the featured colors inside, blues and silver on the outside.  
New are the "silver plated" (painted) collaged canvases I find an elegant accompaniment to
 white netting.
A new silver sprayed natural garland shone with glitter.  I am a silver lady rather than gold
so this was perfect for me. The Sanctuary collage, now framed and matted, sits in pride of place. 

This is my first holiday season in the Nook and I join as the Island
readies hopefully for  Christmas.
 Last evening a white horse drawn carriage
slowly made its way in front of us and made the night complete.

My painting  Christmas Reflections graces the window out front and below
I try to be part of it all in silver and bling myself.

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