Friday, August 26, 2011


pencil and ink
Sandra J. Pineault

Many moons ago I played around with this design. Lo, and behold, it sold.
Pencil and ink lends itself to a different type of design than water media, but is no less
an opportunity to play and imagine.  I was into bee wings and their lacy, gossamer intricacy. 
 This is where it led. Blossom and Buddy should become a print in the next week or so.

Getting ready for printing sounds easy.  However, one must carefully measure 
sizes and orientation.

Working on digital images to assure exposure and clarity is maximized.
Getting everything on a flash file to take it all to the printer.
Here on the island, it is Digital Village for me.

 Choosing a printing center must take into consideration
experience and options. The Printer must have highly technical equipment and be versed in the
mechanics of tweaking this equipment to get excellent results. There are many options 
such as poster paper, watercolor paper, and canvas as well as size.

This is my first foray into this area. An initial visit taught me
much and the next should get me the prints. For this run, I will be conservative until
I gain more experience.

That is not the end of decisions. To mat or not to mat? 
 What type of shrink wrap: bags or heat wrap? How to label and price?

This is taking awhile to line up. 

For now, I am so grateful that Hurricane Irene chose not to pay us a visit.
It looked as if we were going to have to evacuate all the
work from THE PINEAULT ART NOOK with its lovely big window.
That is no longer the case.  We wish the best to the rest of the U.S.
east coast as Irene wends her way north.

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