Sunday, August 21, 2011


The painting above was done here in Amelia Island a few years ago. The ocean is a source of inspiration always, but the mountains are another source of a special kind. We have just returned from a trip to the mountain source. The air, the soaring peace of the summits as they fold one into the other is a unique experience.  As the environment around me permeated my artist eye,
 I remembered this painting
 and realized that for me, the sea and the mountains
                                         come together to influence the spirit of my work.

            This scene is located at a small family cemetery on a ridge not far from where we
stayed: Lazy Bear Lodge in Villis,  N. Carolina.  We never passed by without stopping
                                                          and drinking it all in.

A view from the side of a dusty country road:

a photographer's dream. 

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