Thursday, August 11, 2011


A new offering from the Pineault studio!  There have been requests for prints of my work and I am now embarking on that project. The prints that are being done can be viewed on the right side of the blog.  At this point  these are  available in  5 x 7 sizes for your own matting and framing. Larger mats, even double ones, can enlarge a print for a great look.  

Like so many things, the printing process is not an easy one. It is very mathematical. Fortunately, I have an in-house math whiz that gets me through.   Also, only good jpg prints can be printed. Some of
my work was photographed some time ago with an older camera and cannot be


                           These are $15 each and are not yet even in the Nook.  Hot off the press!
                                                     Cost does not include mailing.

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