Saturday, May 28, 2011



         The Pineault Studio  renovation project is done  thanks to the work of Norman P. 

 After long research, the Martha Stewart Cubbie organizers were found online and are perfect.  As a base for my art table, they offer stability and  room for my art supplies and books.  We removed the top from my old adjustable craft table and it works.  The old carpet removed, the concrete floor is painted a soft grey. Finally, the little window nook does what it was meant to do: add a note of whimsy and peace to a workplace.  Above the window seat  an origami crane mobile made for me long ago by one of my students (now an artist in her own right) hangs with its memories.

A new/used bench and consignment retro pillows work along with a cherished tapestried pillow my mother made years ago. A basket beneath it takes advantage of another place to store things, this time all my discs.  My cat observes creature goings-on  in the garden outside the window.

          Now, I can see everything in my closets as well as the table base cubbies.   To work!!!

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