Monday, May 23, 2011


acrylic imbedded painting
9 x 11 inches framed and matted under glass
Sandra J. Pineault
Amelia Island,Fl

This is a sister painting to Marsh Light, they share methods used to get
these effects.  Like a fine chef, I am guarding my secrets.
Lately, I have been told that my paintings are not collages, that
they are beyond that. I am looking for a better description. My work is not easily categorized.
Hence,,,,Pineault Uncommon Art, something my sister Mariellen suggested long ago.
 I thank her for it - it fits.

The studio renovation continues and looking great. Waiting now for Martha Stewart
cubicle organizers which will form a storage space for my art table. Today window trims
are getting a fresh, clean coat of paint.  My cat muse has found her new home on the back of my big Ikea chair so all is well there. It is a perfect perch from which to spy upon backyard critters.

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