Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Art: An Apothecary for the Soul

Yes, am back, will be now and then.  Still "playing".  But, there is still interest in my work, for which I am grateful.  I am deep into my memoir blog which has been very gratifying in its reception.  I should say, it is a memoir about the place and times of where I grew up. The link is

I still take my black ink pen and sketch book with me on road trips.  This little sea critter was started as I waited for my husband to return from a hike along the marsh and ocean.  I had done my stint and was resting in the car.  I call the technique if you recall, Vibrational Drawing.  I started this before the Zentangle craze but no doubt they are cousins.  It is a healing form of art, you can start it anywhere with any kinds of lines and work on it as it develops.  It speaks to you, and hopefully, you are speaking through it.  Begun with the eye, it went from there, as one would with  Mandala.  My mandalas are always with me.  Using colored pen and pencil scattered on my desk I experimented and played.

The title of this post is "Art: An Apothecary for the Soul", from an article in the WSJ Nov-2-3. 2013 which I may have quoted before.  I kept a copy I liked it so much.  The article is" Art for Life's Sake."
It postulates that art may help us with key challenges in our life

Sea Nymph Transformed
Pen and pencil drawing
Sandra J. Pineault
March, 2014

Then I started to play on my Mac computer.  There is a fun app called
Image Tricks Pro that has filters as well as borders and masks.  I often use it for framing old photos and such.  So this morning I imported my drawing and this is what happened as I surfed the filters.
Great depth of field and color changes.  Accepting that it is not that sophisticated it still lets one play and playing is what it is all about. 

 N'est pas?


                  It would be great if some of you would share your little creatures of hope….

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