Friday, July 26, 2013

Soul Hummings: Vibrational Pineault Drawings

I covered an entire page with this "soul humming" design. Fascination with the strokes of pen and pencil stroke  and how one can dive into them to achieve depth of field, has long been something special for me .  When I did mainly painting, I lost the peaceful experience of abstract drawing.
                                                                     How I missed it!

This morning waiting for my husband to return from a doctor's appointment, I sat in the car in a quiet treed area and worked on this design.  I started stiffly up in the right hand corner then let my hand and pen dance loosely across the page to give me direction.  Then it started humming.  I kept working, as we sat on the ferry and crossed St. John's river.  When we arrived home, it too had arrived.  The paper is graphed hence the squares you see. I am going to print a copy and play with color to see what happens.  Maybe, maybe not.

                          Do you see a moonlit garden and the possibility of fireflies and magic?

It is also a pregnant bloom, giving the sense that there are possibilities yet to be birthed.  My paintings always have this depth but I learned it all in my experimental drawings.  Try drawing, not to draw "something" but only to experiment with design, with what comes from your soul.  Soothing, humming is what you will find.  The Zen of healing art at its most powerful.

Today reading I came upon a powerful practice.  When you happen upon something of beauty, stop and while looking at it take ten deep breaths.  I am going to start doing that.  The artist within us needs stopping, breathing.  It is only when I was forced to stop my painting that I found again the lost art of drawing my soul craved.

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