Thursday, July 25, 2013

Doodling as High Art and Heart

                                                                    Gone Haywire
                                                                  My journal doodle
                                                                   Sandra Pineault
Drawing or doodling as high art as I call it, can tell you many things.  It can lead you to places in your mind and heart.  Or it can simply be a way to follow your pen or pencil. Like a meditation.

                                                                    Message in a Circle
                                                                    Journal Doodle
                                                                    Sandra Pineault

I like to think I predated Zentangles.  However, the Zentangle experience is kind of similar.  For me each of these is a meditation, and often I will write my feelings before and after the piece is done.
These are a cross between a mandala and a sketch.  The circle, sacred in Tantric art, provides a place of safety and an edge where one can play with pencil and inspiration.

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