Monday, April 1, 2013


I have recently become enamoured with Pinterest and its potential for letting others know about our art, as well as learning what others are doing.  If you have not yet done this, I would highly recommend it.

As part of my healing process, I am pinning a board titled Doodling as High Art.  Working in pencil as well as pen and ink is a very satisfying method of working your art and as a discovery tool.  In my work with Mandalas, this is especially true.

You can find more of my "doodles" which I call Vibrational Drawing on my board.

pen and ink vibrational drawing
Sandra J. Pineault
March 2013

I am also in the process of writing a blog memoir and this speaks to me
loud and clear.  I am loving my memoir research as it has connected me
to my roots in a whole new way.  
Please see my new blog site 

Below is a pen and ink called Rose of Sharon
For me, this kind of art is all about the connections we make and why.

I also have another new blog

This blog is an amalgamation of living on a beautiful Island
and my art.  

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