Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Art as Metaphor

Where does the creative urge come from that beats a steady tattoo in our souls? That urge to shape, to bend, to move fingers, hands, arms.  To write, paint, sculpt, cut, draw, bring forth from lips and instruments song and sound.  To truly see, hear, allow beauty
as well as tragedy to sound in our beings.

Above all: to seek, shout, share with the world what we have brought forth!

That is the awesomeness of blogging, that sharing.  The Internet is a vast reservoir that allows us painlessly (albeit cautiously) to go global and bring it on!

These past months I have been chasing a dream, a dream of healing.  I suspended my painting and sought creative release in writing as I have already mentioned.  The need to use my fingers and imagination to create through drawing has been strong, I have given in to it.  It is an easy, portable method of opening up my spirit.  Often those drawings speak to me, in metaphor it is true, but it is a powerful tool for healing and for enduring.

This past week my medical journey has brought me to the great Mayo Clinic.  As I sit and await a test or appointment I seek out my pen and sketch book, either to write or to draw.  I am sharing these drawings here as well as on Pinterest where there is a bottomless number of people finding that drawing, sketching and doodling is addictive and a pleasure.  My Pinterest board for sharing mine and other's drawing is called Doodling as High Art.

This was done in my writing tablet in the laboratory waiting area.  I just felt like letting loose and
quickly doodled what I call a Doodle Fish. The squared lines allowed playing with some shapes inside the fish and are amenable to some color later.

As always: first the drawing and then it names itself.

This is called Dragonspeak. I love the strength of this mythical creature as it rises up on its hind legs to fight the battle...when one is going through medical issues, it truly is a battle.  A battle to be sure one is at the right place with the right practitioner, a battle to stay hopeful and maintain a sense of humor through it all.  Often one cannot just scream out frustration and fear, so drawing these creatures allows them to do it for you.  Many articles and books have been written on the 
subject of healing through art.  I deeply believe in it.

  I practice it, always have.

Meanwhile, the house still has not found a new owner and we are at square one.  That all seems unimportant with everything else going on.  

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