Tuesday, January 8, 2013


Tree in Sabino Canyon, Arizona
Sandra Pineault

Every artist is in transition.  Transitions show the way, the path.  I am on one of those
paths.  After a year of ill health and the slowing down of my studio, I decided
a transition was taking place and to go willingly with it.  Who knows where it will take me.
 Health problems still nip at my heels, but the love and healing power of my art
still is something I must consider. 

 In the meantime, I dabble.  I observe.
I listen and watch.  I carry water and chop wood as the Zen sage observes.
Watching shadows and light, forms of the sea and forest. Watching, too,
the art of others which feeds us all.
Pinterest is a great source of art inspiration and there I found this drawing by
the architect Frank Gehry.
 The freedom of the lines is awesome, it is the kind of freedom I love.

Where are you at in your art transitions?

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