Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Some thoughts about the wonder of being an artist...

"Here is the sexy white hot truth about creativity.  
Its a religious experience. Its a transcendental adventure.
 Its the losing of the daily self and entering the magic kingdom.  
You come back bigger.
You come back satiated.  
You come back sweeter. 
 You come back with wings and fins and new toes that seek higher ground.  
You never come back the same."

                                                        Tama J. Kieves

Whatever your metier of creativity, this quote will find a home in your heart! Along with
this art blog, I am writing a Memoir Blog . Here it is...


I found it while surfing on Pinterest, a most wondrous past time if you have not discovered it.
Found like a gem in an awesome blog called 

Not if but when you start pinning check out my page Sandra Pineault and my boards.
This is a painting which told me what it wanted to be....I am learning more
about linear design.

Patience Grasshopper
mini acrylic painting
Sandra Pineault

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