Monday, September 24, 2012


Good morning:  new additions to the sidebar: if you would like to translate the text in my blog check out the translate function.  Also, do not check the map for now: I just started another blog of Memoirs of Growing Up and Clustrmaps had a Monday confusion and got them mixed up.  Hope to remedy this soon.

Meanwhile, I have also been happily meandering through  Pinterest fields and enjoying a plethera of
inspiring samples for my Art Journal...and much else.  It is a place to find treasures.

Here is a good one: wouldn't I love this studio..  Perhaps a hobbit or two a la' Tolkin would stop 
by for tea.....  Thanks to the wonderful blog: My Perfect House for this and more.

In a more serious vein I found these on Pinterest.  Some of the great abstract artist Cy Twombly's
journal pages.  I strive, as I do with my painting, to let go of the holding back my hand gets into
when I do my pages.  

Cy Twombly
Poems to the Sea , 1959
oil, graphite, wax crayon on paper.

Cy Twombly
Apollo and the Artist, 1975
Journal Page

The second is my favorite.  Meanwhile, I play and play
and continue to pursue the new path I am on.
I feel that I want to simplify and these pieces show the way.

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