Wednesday, September 26, 2012


 This blog has a contact in Grand Rapids, Michigan, a very art-active city.  She has provided us with photos from their major city-wide art show: ARTPRIZE 2012.  This is a huge outdoor and indoor exhibit where the public votes for the winner whose award equals $200,000.  There are 1517 entries accepted this year, 161 venues (included the river flowing through the city), covering 3 square miles.
I would love to see it.  It seems that the city of Jacksonville, Fl  has hopes of emulating this show.

Here is one of the exhibits.  It comprises huge panels of an intricate drawing which took the artist (from Hollywood, California) a year and a half to complete and it seems she was still working on it last night when our reporter saw it.

Though more an abstract person myself, I still admire and enjoy graphic drawing.
My hat is off to this artist.

More to come on this.

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