Tuesday, May 1, 2012

VIBRATIONS.....meditative drawings

meditative drawing by
Sandra J. Pineault
April 2012

From my Mandala drawings, I have entered another meditative
pen and ink experience, yet to be named.  Perhaps, breathing in
black and white.....or

 Vibrations in Black and White

Free form dancing with pen and ink.
Opening, responding to an inner urge to create.
Being...no judging or labeling except in positive stanza, stating, remaining, calming.

Not defining, which is difficult....

After a time of letting the lines sleep
read them like tea leaves.

Meditative drawing by
Sandra J. Pineault
April 2012

To dance without a song..to listen to the vibrations of the universe, 
both within and without.  Only calmness feels the hymn.
When one looks up, out, beyond and beneath,
stillness follows.  The touch so subtle
as to easily be missed, like the kiss of a breeze..

like becoming 
tuning fork...

meditative drawing by
Sandra J. Pineault
April 2012


  1. thanks...really enjoy doing these...

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