Saturday, April 14, 2012


                                                                      STARRY EYES

Sandra Pineault
circa 1998

Sometimes when you just want to do something different, you reach
really far. This was a fun watercolor I did years ago and
just found in my archives.  I actually love frogs and sort of
collected little statuettes for awhile. I still have some I  treasure.
The song of peepers is a sound I have always loved.

When you need to play, it is fun to do a totally
far out maybe chickens?  I did that for awhile
and they sold like anything.  I was doing miniatures for the holidays and selling
them at fairs...back in the day.

I try to remember to keep things I paint, no matter how small.
It is a pleasant surprise when they pop up and offer their
inspiration all over again.

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