Thursday, December 29, 2011


These are not the best of economic times for any artist, especially the smaller gallery artist.  Even with nine months of careful nurturing, The Pineault Art Nook has been struggling. 
 Finally, it was time to close up.
I am moving all my work back to the home studio and gallery. 
 It is still available online and I hope to develop that avenue a lot more.  The good news is that with all the work to build up my inventory, I am now prepared to take advantage of whatever exhibit opportunities may come my way,  The other good news is that people did like my work and I sold a considerable amount.  It was just not enough to stave off the landlord.  The venture was a risk, as are all new ventures.  The experience was a great one and I am not sorry we took this new path. 
 One door closes...another always opens.

In the coming days as I explore new possibilities the blog will morph a bit, going hither 
and yon for new ideas to share.  The blog is such a joy.  
If you check out the world map, you can see that there are viewers from all over the world!  
A humbling surprise to be sure.

So say tuned, especially my good Twitter and Facebook 
family and friends!

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