Wednesday, November 2, 2011


Some of my new gift tag or small cards which are 3 x 3 inches and come with envelopes.
These are often purchased in multiples for framing.  As always, each is one of a kind
and are mini-paintings or made from my own stained and painted papers.
These are $5 each. You can purchase any of my pieces
by contacting me for mailing service.


Also available, my regular size cards which can
speak your thoughtfulness in a very special way.
These are keepsakes and also may be framed.

These cards are all hand-created and a great way to add to or
begin an art collection for your home.


Everything we see touches us, in one way or another: the Internet, T.V., newspapers.

ART can soften the harsh images that bombard us from all sides.
ART can bring the mind into a place of peace,
and help us practice serenity.
ART can heal our hearts and spirits.
ART can bring harmony into our world.

ART is meditation.

ART can dance with your spirit weaving it with the
music of color and form.

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