Friday, October 28, 2011


Sandra J.Pineault
stained paper collage card

Holidays are around the corner and the push is on.  Out come my latest stained papers and collection of goodies.  Children love puzzles and today my inner child is out to play.  One never knows what an origami fold will accomplish or what likes to  play with what color or shape.  Today there are five new art card children finished and photographed.  

Yesterday found me cleaning and organizing my studio.  My mind was yelling too many things at me. Clearing strategy was needed.  Organizing helps me to do that.  I have found a new Native American station on my iTunes radio and it is now my favorite ambient calmer.  Later in the day my iMac and I created a project plan and now it looks a lot better,  Meditation is a must for my day,  my back and shoulders.  A web site called Zen at Play is a treasure I read often.  See it in my favorite sites.  If you want to learn to "sway" look this site up.  The term sway is wonderful and I have been thinking it every time something comes at me from 
some dark corner. 

Happy swaying.

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