Saturday, July 2, 2011



acrylic paintings by Sandra J. Pineault 2010 and 2011

To our American readers, Happy Fourth of July!

It is good to be back to the blog after a time away.  High school graduation for a grandson, and a mini-family reunion, took me away from the studio for a time. Things are now cooking here again.
There are two large paintings in the works which will, hopefully, soon debut on the blog .
Meanwhile, Ocean Dreams I and II have found a new home  here in Amelia. This was a trio of small canvases shown in the NORTH THIRD PINEAULT ART NOOK. 
Ocean Dreams III still awaits its new owner. 

 Ocean Solstice found its new home high in the North Carolina mountains. An exciting event!

The PINEAULT ART NOOK has new pieces and cards showing .  Each week a trip to THE NOOK
to rearrange after busy weekends, as well as to replenish, is part of our time schedule.
The care and nourishment of a gallery, even a boutique one, is an enjoyable task, especially when one has  shop owners as kind and helpful as I do.  
Thank you, Robert and Iris!!

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