Saturday, June 11, 2011

NEW BLOG FEATURE! Where readers come from...

  Today the PINEAULT ART BLOG has a new feature. To the right  is a map of the world dots appear indicate where readers of this Blog since yesterday are located. map, if you click on you may lose the blog page, just click your backward button and all will return. This does not show reader locations prior to yesterday.

Check it out, bloggers.  Further down on this page is a numerical post showing this information as it was logged in by blogspot a few days ago.  Maybe one of these days we will get a comment from one of these far away places.....

Today is the second day dedicated to updating and working the Blog. As those of you with a blog know, nothing is ever easy in blog land.  Took me a good while to get the map generated and going.
Yesterday, I delved in to font world and the advanced challenge involved in templates and I am 
still learning.

If there are any comments, suggestions, this blogger would love to hear them.  There is a new 
comment feature now as well....look and see.

Have a great weekend.

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