Friday, March 11, 2011


acrylic collage
Sandra J. Pineault

The painting above won me a Best of Show in a juried show and it sold at the same time.

Robert Genn ( )  has an interesting online  twice-weekly letter with art information from around the world.
Today this was in his letter. 

Art establishes and makes tangible a time, a place, a thought, an idea.
Art, properly made. enhances and enriches the lives of others.
Art gives an opportunity to endow new life and new meaning into the ordinary.
Art gives an opportunity to design your own world, and, as in your children,
create a significant immortality.
Art is hard earned work that is its own reward and has a degree of permanence.
Art, because it is easy to do, and yet so difficult to do well,
encourages humility in the human soul.
Art is an apprenticeship that can be stretched into a lifelong education.
Art strives on democratic ideals, freedom of expression and rugged individualism.
Art permits you to step out of the labyrinth and into a quiet corner
of your own private joy.

Says it all....

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